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Grace and Maturity

AVDT is a full service virtual support firm and offers a new, modern approach to personal and business support, supplying you with transparent and uncomplicated assistance when you need it most with grace and maturity.

This means that we are fully engaged in much of our clients’ daily tasks necessary to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively.  As we handle the administrative tasks, our clients are able to focus on generating revenue for their businesses.

What sets us apart from other virtual assistant services? We consistently deliver the tools necessary for you to achieve a finely tuned work-life balance, and we make it our mission to help you stay focused.  Our team have a combined wealth of experience from different industries ranging from Media, Retail, Finance and FMCG.

Get your schedule back on track and take your life back. Contact us today to see what our AVDT can do for you.

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What We Do

Want to know why top founders and successful executives keep choosing to work with us?  We only hire highly skilled people who are flexible, efficient, and easy to work with. By working with one of our VAs or Lifestyle Managers, you get to focus on what really matters, while someone else handles your day-to-day, mundane tasks and you only pay for the time which you need:


No PAYE, holiday or pension responsibilities 

No office space or equipment needed

Combined skills across several areas

Flexible schedule 

We want you to succeed, think of us as a business partner.

Our team members will go above and beyond in order to deliver excellent results. With our services, you will be able to focus on what really matters - and leave the rest to us.


Contact us today so we can start working together.

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